Possible endorphin role in the anxiolytic/hypotensive action of taurine

I’ve been away from the computer for a while. I’ve been opium-free the last few weeks after an unremarkable taper. It wasn’t without some PAWS that was alleviated with a few supplements and other help. It’s all good now, though I don’t think I could have done it cold-turkey. I’ll probably titrate back up in a month or so.

I’m making a cd, so my interests lie elsewhere for now. I’m bored and burnt-out with blogging about EDS and everything around it, I’ve got a handle on it and there’s a big world with lots to do.

…anyway, I’ve been experimenting with calming supplements, some of which I’ve narrowed down that actually work! Myo-inositol is a b vitamin-like supp that can be found in the herb shop or on-line. This stuff works, and works well for PAWS anxiety… I actually can’t believe it, seeing that most supps are placebo junk. I take 20 gms as needed (6’2″ male). It works so well, I almost expect a banning of this by our elected thugs.

I’m not sure yet about GABA. If I take a large dose I get side-effects (niacin-like flush and face and chest itching), so something is happening despite that they say it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier, but I can’t figure out if it makes me feel good.

L-taurine is interesting because of its possible endorphin activation in rats. It promotes calmness and a hypotensive effect in humans, so I don’t doubt endogenous opioid actions in us either… I know it works for me.

…So that’s it for now. My next post will deal with the dynorphin/fat connection.


My dosing theory for “scary” drugs (and a poke at the trashy values of the collective and how they affect me)

These drugs have two things in common; one is their incredible efficacy when used by rational, lucid people who want to live a full healthy life:

cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, methylphenidate (narcolepsy, ADD, off-label depression)

morphine, heroin, codeine, oxy’s, opium, tramadol, buprenorphine (chronic pain, off-label depression, anxiety)

marijuana (sedation/stimulation, anxiety, pain relief, depression)

benzodiazepines, barbiturates (sedation, anxiety)

psilocybin (pain, depression)

The second thing they have in common is the difficulty getting a prescription for them because they are either illegal, or stupid people exist in the world; so instead of letting them voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool like nature intended, the State, many moons ago, had taken upon its self the uninvited task of taking care of these dullards at the expense of my liberty and my right to procure the drug of my choice, in the name of some false “altruism” or “greater good” because maladroits get themselves into trouble with drugs (as if they wouldn’t without drugs); and somehow society would become a dangerous or less safe place otherwise, or some such nonsense.

It’s telling that, because we’re caught in this frame of nanny-statism and legalities, one of the main things drug researchers peel their eyes for, like hawks, are drugs that make us feel really good, too good, too soon. Fear of litigation is a reason we have “safe”, mediocre, usually inefficacious modern psychiatric drugs that have little value and crappy side-effects, yet are continually stuffed down the throats of trusting, half-witted souls, a few of whom actually get some benefit (bless you)… I wonder if visionary, progressive pdocs who have to dole out this junk feel any kind of guilt or frustration. I know that I would feel weary if I could not script, off-label, drugs like methamphetamine (desoxyn), laudanum (yes, it still exists in the pharm repertoire) or marijuana.

~But, I think there’s something else afoot here as well:

…”‘k, so you guys at MumsdrugCo have developed this drug that gets rid of depression. Right on; I could sure use it. Umm, can I try it? No? It makes volunteers in clinical studies too happy… so it’ll make me feel really good, and… we, don’t… want this… do we? ‘K, I guess you guys know what you’re doing… I suppose. Umm, I have to tell you though: all the antidepressants I’ve tried over the years have done nothing for me except make me feel worse. I felt better when I didn’t take them at all. I’ll tell you what did work very well, though; opium and dextroamphetamine; dextroamphetamine worked on an as-needed basis, maybe twice a week. Then I discovered that opium targeted as much of an extent what was wrong with me. Opium cycled on for a while, then cycled off for a month, then back on really does help me a lot.

“You say I shouldn’t do that? Why? I could get into trouble with it? Know something? I think you’re projecting; I think you could get into trouble with it because you would doubt yourselves in my situation. Know what else? I think, because you and the legislators who govern you don’t trust yourselves, you won’t let drugs through that could benefit so many smart people, and now we all have to suffer because of stupid people and your own self-doubt. And as usual, given the reigns of state authority, like any cop, doctor or politician, notwithstanding your fear of litigation, you feel free and qualified to impose your values upon me; and the things you value are more often than not, of little value.”

Jesus and John Galt wept.

~Certain patients who can’t take care of themselves or are not capable of thinking rationally or projecting plans for the future should follow the advice of their doctors only, and ignore the following…

…but for those of us who crave a happy productive life, “scary” drugs are, in my opinion, among the best for what ails rational people. Some get positive results from taking very small, scientific daily “lifting” doses, titrating up when necessary, then after a few months, tapering down and off for a period of time (maybe a month; maybe two); then starting again. I don’t think it’s in our interest to take any psych drug, pharm or not, continuously without cycling off (well, more serious cases like schizophrenia or bipolar might be a different story). The brain is plastic and in a state of constant homeostasis, and I think more harm than good results from a constant bombardment of exogenous chemicals… who do you want to be when you’re seventy?

…I would rather live a month or two with depression, knowing that I’m going to feel better again in a while when I resume dosing up, than take a chance that my personal chemistry hasn’t had a time of rest and a chance to get back to “normal”, as bad as “normal” might be (and who knows? maybe I’ll feel better drug-free for a while, or…?). I don’t want my neurons (at least) to be permanently twisted some day…

…so I think cycling on and off is the way to go if one doses every day. I’m in a cycling off period right now because, frankly, I think doctors are up their asses with daily scientific fixed dosing. I don’t buy into the theory that the body must take this smooth bombardment, on and on, even when the patient knows in their gut it’s time to taper off, at least for a while.

~So in one week I’ll be opiate-free, and will not take it for at least one month. I’ll keep you posted on how I feel during this time. It has not been hard to taper; I should say rather, it hasn’t been hard because I’ve had some great help from benzo’s for anxiety, trazodone to knock me for the night, and baclofen (an amazing wonder drug) for everything else; wow, this combo works well.

~Another dosing schedule is possible; if one prefers to not dose every day, dosing every three days, or twice a week can work too. It’s not “scientific”, in that the body doesn’t have a constant level of chemical within, but who can tell me that a doctor knows best what works for me if I achieve acceptable results taking a substance on an as-needed basis?… and besides, how do we know that it is not healthier to keep the body on alert and “guessing” what’s going to happen next, instead of on a predictable course of action that the body sees through, laughs at and compensates for?…

…so, when I start dosing again in about five weeks, I’m going to try this theory and let you know how it goes…

…I think we’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

~Now, if only these market products were available, unscripted, from legal vendors, would we finally be free to experiment openly and share our results with each other instead of having to skulk about on the net, like criminals. Imagine the added bonus of lower prices thanks to competition and no Organised Crime dictating cornered markets.

…oh well. I can dream for that day.

~Let me know what works for you. Feel free to talk about any drug used off-label for the last six months at least, and what your system is. I’m curious.

Emergency taper, and the required buffer of time

There may come an unforseen time when you must stop therapy. If so, you have two choices:

  • the potential horror of cold turkey, or
  • the much less horrible horror of tapering (actually, many have not much problem at all slowly weaning off. Those of us who aren’t addictive types tend not to have much trouble. The whole addiction thing can sometimes be overblown (everyone’s different)).

If you get caught in cold turkey without a buffer, obviously you’re in big trouble, so it’s in your best interest to have enough product to do a proper taper…

…always have a lot of product at hand. Seriously. Don’t slack on this.

When weaning, opiate receptors seem to adapt in five-day blocks. Let’s say one takes a daily dose of 18 grams of dode. Then one day one’s employer informs him that his job requires him to move to a new location within four months, with the additional requirement of a drug test…

“Holy shit!”, one exclaims with visions of peeing through his bum. “‘k… what do I do now?”

Well kids, you’re in luck. The process is relatively painless (remember though, relativity is relative; and there is post-withdrawal syndrome to consider). Say you’re taking 18 gms of dode per day, you can experiment with a 1 gm drop once every five days. Keep doing this until it feels too quick and becomes too uncomfortable; let’s say, at 7 gms per day 1 gm feels too much like kicking. Now drop .5 gm once every five days. If this feels okay, keep going until you start feeling really bad and have to cut again; so let’s say, at 3 gms per day you continue with a .2 gm drop once every five days until you jump off.

If you take scripts or illegals and have to cut each pill or the powder into several very small weaning units, put the product in a glass of water, dissolve thoroughly and fractionate the water as required. Simple and fun!  :)

So, do the math for both time and product needed to get through this. Again, everyone is different. Be conservative and always stay stocked up with plenty of reserve and keep in mind that it can take up to 4 months to completely wean yourself.

Good luck (you’re gonna need it).