The Helpless Lamb & other pernicious lies

I’m a libertarian of the right, so have little patience for those who wish to coddle parasites and “victims” with my cash.

It’s curious that many of these takers keep their hair meticulously unkempt and dreadlocked, and make damn sure that they are seen to be “keepin’ it real” and living the romance and despair of it all. Ironically, they’re making an effort to do something. Guaranteed though, if my legally extorted money wasn’t keeping them alive, they would be either dead or cleaned up and supporting themselves with work.

This guy takes on the lie of the helpless lamb pretty well, though I don’t agree with his pragmatism and contemporary Canadian conservative tendency to give up and shrug in exhaustion…

So what’s the solution? Well, I think radical change is needed.

And that should include the distribution of both hard and soft drugs, such as  marijuana, – or their substitutes – through regular medical channels, via  doctors and pharmacists.

In other words, they should be dispensed in the same way as painkillers,  sleeping pills and other potentially addictive “medicines.”

Certainly, such a change would inevitably mean further expense for our public  health system. But those costs should be offset by savings in our criminal  justice system – keeping addicts out of clogged courts and crowded jails.

…”should be offset”? bullshit…

…you don’t just quasi-legalise drugs, expand the welfare state and hope things will work out. Things won’t. They’ll just get worse and more expensive. This line of thinking serves only to damage the person and the nation; and let’s admit it: what one permits, one promotes. So lets all take a deeeep breath and just legalise the damn stuff. The author of this piece isn’t a flaky socialist liberal, but as bad as any bleeding-heart who believes in the inherent goodness of maladroits are moralists who thoughtlessly and irrationally push pandering conservative politicians to ban these market products. Besides smarmy conservative pols, organised crime, the cops and pharmaceuticals are the only ones who benefit from illegal or “controlled” drugs. The fact that they’re illegal or controlled, and therefore bloody expensive, definitely doesn’t benefit me.

Want to make big cash real quick? Sell an illegal product with a huge demand, jack up the prices because the markets are so twisted by legislation and rake it in!

Want to be a happy police chief? Push to keep a product illegal, then because it’s a great excuse, grab more arbitrary power over the citizen and because more resources are needed, rake it in!

Want to be a happy drug company? Push to legalise illegal drugs on your terms, monopolise and rake it in!

…why do I vote?


“Insite ruling a ‘historic day’ for Vancouver, say local politicians”

What makes people stupid? I marvel at the capacity for liberals and conservatives to be myopic and extreme, and more and more these days, incredibly statist. Do folks just want to be part of a group? Is there a need to be as far away as possible from the “other”, and because of this, a willingness to leave critical thinking at the partisan door?

Vancouver will support additional safe injection sites if health authorities  want them, Mayor Gregor Robertson said Friday, following a top court ruling  which cleared the legal ground on which Vancouver’s Insite operates.

“I think we’ll see other [Canadian] cities using this to make some progress  with their addiction problems,” Robertson said following the Supreme Court  ruling that Insite, the country’s first safe injection site, will remain  open.

On gritty Hastings Street, Insite supporters cheered and waved signs, while  officials, drug users and employees said many lives will be saved as a  result.

…and the market rabble rejoiced. A typical sense of entitlement by drug-addled parasites and their liberal enablers curl the upper lip of normal people, but is no surprise. I wonder though, where do they get the money for their daily fix? …and who implicitly supports this dubious behaviour with my legally extorted taxes?

And then we have our conservatives…

“I got ‘n idea! Let’s make things illegal and give organised crime a cornered market to drive up prices, force potentially productive people into the underground and fill the prisons with victimless criminals! Yaaaay!”    :)

…it’s dumb enough, turning people into criminals for buying a market product; but to then sanction an addict’s habit with “free” services and stuff simply astounds… they’re gonna start giving the junkies free dope. Just watch…

…why do I vote?

I’m getting a baaad feeling about this…

Shit. This is happening a bit too much these days

The Abbotsford Police bike squad arrested two men Thursday night in connection with the selling of what was believed to be doda, but was later tested and found to be opium.

Doda is an opiate that is derived from the same poppy plant that produces heroin and opium, but is considered to have less of a narcotic effect, said Const. Ian MacDonald. It is primarily used within the South Asian community.

These insulated idiots, selling it from their stores, are doing an efficient job of ruining a good thing that had been under the radar until recently.

Happily, the cops are still pretty stupid regarding this stuff, but unhappily, they are catching on. I mean, c’mon, watch the video. Anyone with a modicum of sophistication can tell powder opium from dode.

I order pods from overseas to supplement the modest harvest from my little Canadian garden, and was told by my supplier that one box of joy was sent back a couple of months ago. Apparently, the feds are requesting that Customs be on the lookout for this grey-area product and return to sender. The more the feds become aware of this, the less likely we’ll able to purchase from across the border.

This does not bode well for us at all…

…fellow EDSers, if forced by circumstances to use poppy pods, you had better learn how to grow flowers; and if you live in an apartment, condo or a place not conducive to gardening, consider renting a garden plot somewhere. I’m an awesome grower, so will be giving growing advice on this blog pretty quick…

…that is, until the state thugs start knocking down my garden gate.

“Grocer spared jail term for selling narcotic ‘doda’ from Calgary store”

Hmm… a shop owner won’t be going to the can for selling an in-demand product after all…

In a case with few precedents in Canada, a judge opted to spare a local  grocer from jail for selling a plant-based narcotic that’s common in Asia from  his northeast Calgary store.

Queen’s Bench Justice Sheilah Martin imposed a 16-month conditional sentence  on Manjit Dhahan, who pleaded guilty to selling and producing doda, a narcotic  made by grinding seed pods taken from opium poppies.

I have to wonder where these msm dough heads get their information. I’ve read that dode has almost no potency, is made from ground up seeds and from poppy buds rather than pods. It seems they got it about right this time.

In a way, I like the fact that little is known about this. If word gets out I imagine “flower cops” with nothing better to do than peek into folk’s back yards looking for and rooting out floral contraband. I’m pretty sure that the reason this information isn’t being disseminated by the authorities, or prosecuted more aggressively, is that the less knowledge of it, the less likely the proliferation and abuse of an easily grown plant…

…but I submit, if a tipping point is reached, the “flower cops” will be out in full force, sniffing around your back yard.

Really. I honestly see this happening.