“Insite ruling a ‘historic day’ for Vancouver, say local politicians”

What makes people stupid? I marvel at the capacity for liberals and conservatives to be myopic and extreme, and more and more these days, incredibly statist. Do folks just want to be part of a group? Is there a need to be as far away as possible from the “other”, and because of this, a willingness to leave critical thinking at the partisan door?

Vancouver will support additional safe injection sites if health authorities  want them, Mayor Gregor Robertson said Friday, following a top court ruling  which cleared the legal ground on which Vancouver’s Insite operates.

“I think we’ll see other [Canadian] cities using this to make some progress  with their addiction problems,” Robertson said following the Supreme Court  ruling that Insite, the country’s first safe injection site, will remain  open.

On gritty Hastings Street, Insite supporters cheered and waved signs, while  officials, drug users and employees said many lives will be saved as a  result.

…and the market rabble rejoiced. A typical sense of entitlement by drug-addled parasites and their liberal enablers curl the upper lip of normal people, but is no surprise. I wonder though, where do they get the money for their daily fix? …and who implicitly supports this dubious behaviour with my legally extorted taxes?

And then we have our conservatives…

“I got ‘n idea! Let’s make things illegal and give organised crime a cornered market to drive up prices, force potentially productive people into the underground and fill the prisons with victimless criminals! Yaaaay!”    :)

…it’s dumb enough, turning people into criminals for buying a market product; but to then sanction an addict’s habit with “free” services and stuff simply astounds… they’re gonna start giving the junkies free dope. Just watch…

…why do I vote?


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