Emergency taper, and the required buffer of time

There may come an unforseen time when you must stop therapy. If so, you have two choices:

  • the potential horror of cold turkey, or
  • the much less horrible horror of tapering (actually, many have not much problem at all slowly weaning off. Those of us who aren’t addictive types tend not to have much trouble. The whole addiction thing can sometimes be overblown (everyone’s different)).

If you get caught in cold turkey without a buffer, obviously you’re in big trouble, so it’s in your best interest to have enough product to do a proper taper…

…always have a lot of product at hand. Seriously. Don’t slack on this.

When weaning, opiate receptors seem to adapt in five-day blocks. Let’s say one takes a daily dose of 18 grams of dode. Then one day one’s employer informs him that his job requires him to move to a new location within four months, with the additional requirement of a drug test…

“Holy shit!”, one exclaims with visions of peeing through his bum. “‘k… what do I do now?”

Well kids, you’re in luck. The process is relatively painless (remember though, relativity is relative; and there is post-withdrawal syndrome to consider). Say you’re taking 18 gms of dode per day, you can experiment with a 1 gm drop once every five days. Keep doing this until it feels too quick and becomes too uncomfortable; let’s say, at 7 gms per day 1 gm feels too much like kicking. Now drop .5 gm once every five days. If this feels okay, keep going until you start feeling really bad and have to cut again; so let’s say, at 3 gms per day you continue with a .2 gm drop once every five days until you jump off.

If you take scripts or illegals and have to cut each pill or the powder into several very small weaning units, put the product in a glass of water, dissolve thoroughly and fractionate the water as required. Simple and fun!  :)

So, do the math for both time and product needed to get through this. Again, everyone is different. Be conservative and always stay stocked up with plenty of reserve and keep in mind that it can take up to 4 months to completely wean yourself.

Good luck (you’re gonna need it).



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