I’m getting a baaad feeling about this…

Shit. This is happening a bit too much these days

The Abbotsford Police bike squad arrested two men Thursday night in connection with the selling of what was believed to be doda, but was later tested and found to be opium.

Doda is an opiate that is derived from the same poppy plant that produces heroin and opium, but is considered to have less of a narcotic effect, said Const. Ian MacDonald. It is primarily used within the South Asian community.

These insulated idiots, selling it from their stores, are doing an efficient job of ruining a good thing that had been under the radar until recently.

Happily, the cops are still pretty stupid regarding this stuff, but unhappily, they are catching on. I mean, c’mon, watch the video. Anyone with a modicum of sophistication can tell powder opium from dode.

I order pods from overseas to supplement the modest harvest from my little Canadian garden, and was told by my supplier that one box of joy was sent back a couple of months ago. Apparently, the feds are requesting that Customs be on the lookout for this grey-area product and return to sender. The more the feds become aware of this, the less likely we’ll able to purchase from across the border.

This does not bode well for us at all…

…fellow EDSers, if forced by circumstances to use poppy pods, you had better learn how to grow flowers; and if you live in an apartment, condo or a place not conducive to gardening, consider renting a garden plot somewhere. I’m an awesome grower, so will be giving growing advice on this blog pretty quick…

…that is, until the state thugs start knocking down my garden gate.


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