Are you sure you want to do this? A list of cons

There is a price to pay for opiate therapy. Opiates are not like other drugs. Yes, pharma antidepressants have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms if stopped abruptly, SNRIs like Effexor being exceptionally nasty little bastards; but not much compares to opiate withdrawal. There may be a special temporary hell waiting for you if you go travelling and forget or lose your medicine.

…which brings me to my Special List of Questions for those contemplating O dependence.

~Do you have experience with withdrawals? Do you understand exactly what you’re getting into if you succumb and build a difficult tolerance? heh… virgin. Just wait…

~Are you aware of and prepared for the pain of dope sickness if circumstances don’t allow you access to opiates (eg. lack of access to product, loss while travelling)?

~Will you always be able to afford your habit?

~If carrying contraband, how will you deal with border crossings into other countries with draconian laws? Are you prepared to take dangerous chances? Will having to cancel your plans because of a physical dependence on drugs disgust you?

~When travelling around, will the fact that you’re (possibly) inevitably carrying illegal product weigh on your mind and detract from a positive experience?

~Are you the type who can’t stop at your alloted daily “lifting” dose, and obsesses into euphoric doses?

~ are you ready and willing to possibly entangle yourself with a drug?

~Have you thought about the social stigma around opiate use? Will you have to hide your use from the people around you; your family/significant other/friends/work mates? If so, how will you work out the logistics, or worse, your guilty conscience?

~Does your occupation require occasional drug testing, understanding that it can take four months or more to taper off?

~Have you educated yourself about and understand the possibly very serious post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS)? If you must stop therapy, are you aware that PAWS can leave you much more depressed than you were before you started opiates, and can keep a very few in its grip for years?

These are a few queries that require contemplation before embarking on this opiated journey.

Ponder them well. Make your choice with eyes wide open.


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