Buprenorphine: the first choice

If I had a choice, I would use buprenorphine. But because of the stupidity of the nanny state, and the fact that I live in Canada and can’t have access to it, I have no choice but to use less desirable opiates; opiates that, because of their very nature, provoke a euphoria that one doesn’t really get from bupe; a euphoria that induces a reward (I won’t say “craving” necessarily; I never crave) that can be an unwanted and unnecessary distraction from daily life.

Bupe is the first choice for a few reasons:

~Less reward. Although not nonexistent, the euphoria that druggies seek is much less with bupe, and largely disappears in a short time.

~Because there is less reward, bupe has a somewhat less potential for abuse.

~A patient can get a prescription, as with less governed drugs. Unlike methadone, and the daily clinic routine, there is much less hassle with bupe and governing of the individual by the system.

~Bupe is a legal opiate, so one can avoid the hassle of the underworld, buying poppy pods or script drugs without a script online, or growing flowers (unless of course one likes growing these incredibly beautiful flowers).

~Kappa receptor overactivation may be implicated in depression. Because it is a relatively potent antagonist at kappa, much more specific than regular opiates, bupe is in a unique position.

~Because it has partial agonist properties at mu, tolerance to the drug is built up very slowly, if at all.

These are compelling reasons for the state to legalise bupe as a legitimate antidepressant. This pisses me off, but perhaps one day I’ll be able to stop swilling my poppy powder and get some pharmaceutical-grade relief. Whether or not “society” has a paranoia regarding opiates doesn’t mean two shits to me. I am an individual. I am sovereign, and owe absolutely nothing to the collective if I’m not commiting violence or theft.

Yeah, I know this sounds like a libertarian rant, but when something is effective for what ails one, and the government won’t deign to allow the use of the effective agent, one can’t be blamed for shaking his head (and fist) at the no-win situation.

Oh well… maybe some day.


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