“Grocer spared jail term for selling narcotic ‘doda’ from Calgary store”

Hmm… a shop owner won’t be going to the can for selling an in-demand product after all…

In a case with few precedents in Canada, a judge opted to spare a local  grocer from jail for selling a plant-based narcotic that’s common in Asia from  his northeast Calgary store.

Queen’s Bench Justice Sheilah Martin imposed a 16-month conditional sentence  on Manjit Dhahan, who pleaded guilty to selling and producing doda, a narcotic  made by grinding seed pods taken from opium poppies.

I have to wonder where these msm dough heads get their information. I’ve read that dode has almost no potency, is made from ground up seeds and from poppy buds rather than pods. It seems they got it about right this time.

In a way, I like the fact that little is known about this. If word gets out I imagine “flower cops” with nothing better to do than peek into folk’s back yards looking for and rooting out floral contraband. I’m pretty sure that the reason this information isn’t being disseminated by the authorities, or prosecuted more aggressively, is that the less knowledge of it, the less likely the proliferation and abuse of an easily grown plant…

…but I submit, if a tipping point is reached, the “flower cops” will be out in full force, sniffing around your back yard.

Really. I honestly see this happening.


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